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At the third visit, I’m welcoming a young captain at Francis Drake in Judith.

Drake was back in 1585 and the Santo Domingo was born in Virgin Gorda before the bright attack on the Santo Domingo. Drake has returned to the son of 1595 on his / her journey he died. The main channel in the British Virgin Islands was selected in his honor.

In 1598, Cumberland’s 3rd of contu to George Clifford’s islands were reported as a staging area for La Fortaleza attack in Porto Rico. In the UK and during the conflicts between them.

British (and Scottish) King I. James, James Hay, Tortola and “Angilla, Semrera (Sombrero Island) & Enegada” for Carlisle. Carlisle also Barbados, St. Kitts in 1627 and “all caribees” (“Carlisle property”). After a short time, he died, but the son of the son of Carlisle, the patents rented Lord Willoughby for 21 years in 1647. Neither of the northern islands did not settle up.

The Dutch SelfChoost Van Dyk organized the first permanent settlements in the region in Soper’s Hole at the Western end of Tortola. In 1615, the settlement of Van Dyk was recorded in the Spanish correct records that record the final expansion. He traded with Spanish colonies in Puerto Rico and raised cotton and tobacco.

Up to 1625, the Van Dyk was recognized as Tortola’s private “boss” by Dutch West India Company and carried their operations on Road Town. The same year, Van Dyk San Juan has supported the Dutch Admiral Boudewijn Hendricksz, who dismissed Puerto Rico. In September 1625, the Spaniards organized a complete attack on Tortola island as reprishers, he had his defenses in the place and destroyed embryonic placements. Joost Van Dyk has escaped the island that would later move on the name and it was protected from the Spanish. Then St. moved to the island. Thomas until Spaniards give up and return to Puerto Rico.

Despite the Spanish farm, the Netherlands West Indian company thought that the Virgin Islands have approximately four in the south America in South America <125 Dutch colonies of the Netherlands.> (Now Surinam) and the most important Netherlands settlement in North America, New Amsterdam (now New York City). To facilitate the shopping exchange between North and South America, Port Purcell (right now in Road Town now) has built large stone stores in FreeBottom.

Currently, the Dutch settlers are on top of some small soil works and three-upper Fort warehouse. This was the English where the British build Fort George later. The Dutch also built a wooden shelter for a lookout point above Road Town. This site was later developed as Fort Charlotte. The Pockwood Pond Spanish “Dojon” placed a soldier, then they will be known as Fort Purcell. Called “dungeon” in the 21st century.

In 1631, the Dutch West Indian company, Virgin Gorda said, “Our history” is interested in the rumors of the copper. Government of Virgin Islands. Received in January 82020. And on that island, a residential location known as “Little Dyk’s” (now known as Little Dix).

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