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17 million cubic meters of wastewater were treated with 34 million cubic meters outside the cooling waters. In the period in question, 19.3 million tons of waste occurred. The 98.6 percent of the waste created mineral wastes (ash, slag, essential ash and gypsum). 67.4 percent of the total waste to be ash Mount / Ash Dam, 6.5 percent are sent to licensed fi rms by selling 3.3 percent, 19.1 percent by other methods (sending to municipal dumps, sending to the mine and quarry, Throwing, regular storage and burning) was disposed of, 3.7 percent were recovered within the facility. UNIVERSE

Nansman is also used by 46.3 percent (27,8 / 60). In the possibility of the current location, the foreign currency is equivalent to US $ 33.7 billion, and the preferences of banks will be determinant in the contribution of the amendment to our bank reserves.

These regulations shall be valid from the 11th January 2014 liability ruler and the facility period will start on 31 January 2014. Submitted to the public’s knowledge. NEWS CENTER

OC President Rövnak Abdullayev, Turkey’s increased 10 per cent share in TANAP, that rises to 30 percent bildirdi.azerbayc State Oil Company (SOCAR) President Rövnak Abdullayev, Turkey, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP) of shares explained to 30 percent by increasing. Abdullayev speaking to a TV channel, Turkish officials said they applied for increasing the share in TANAP, ‘President Ilham Aliyev was welcomed Turkey’s demand increased by 10 percent and its share in the order of tanap’ was 30 percent. The documents on the subject are getting ready ‘he said. On the other hand, the APA news agency announced that French ‘Total’ and Norway’s ‘Statoil’ companies are imposed from receiving the share in Tanap.

15: 30_abd Durable Consumer Goods Orders (November) Expectation: 1.6% Previous: -1.6% 17: 00_abd First Hand Housing Sales (November) Expectation: 0.8% Previous: 25.4% Previous: 00_abd Richmond Fed Manufacturing Industry Industry (December) Previous: 13 New York Stock Exchange … Commodity Societe Generale: The “Safe Harbor” story has ended … The world-famous banks continued to share their interviews on gold, since the Societe Generale has ended the stale of being the safe harbor since the beginning of about 28 percent. According to’s news, the Societe Generale analyst Patrik Legland claimed that the gold is lost in 2013 against systemic risk. TURKEY BlackRock, increasing investments in Turkey … The world’s largest money management firm BlackRock Inc., following a decline in shares with corruption investigations in Turkey, the country

began to increase their investments. According to the news of BlackRock emerging markets team of experts in London chef Sam Vecht, “the last few days, we are increasing our position in Turkey by not engaging in the valuation, especially in the financial sector,” he said. According to the fines cut to the fines cut to the energy sector … According to the latest law prepared by the Ministry of Energy, the financial fines, which are cut to the fuel and the LPG sector, except for the leakage and final judicial judicial decisions “forgiven. According to the news of Ismail Altunsoy from time newspaper, it is stated that the penalty entering the scope of AF is around 2-2.5 billion pounds.

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