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: Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner and Laura Dern It is the year 1963 and Butch Haynes has just escaped from Huntsville Prison, Texas, where he was serving a 40-year sentence for armed robbery. On the run, Haynes has taken a seven-year-old boy, Phillip Perry, hostage. Haynes is being chased by Red Garnett, a member of the Texas Mounted Police, and a group of assistants, including criminologist Sally Gerber. Garnett is an experienced officer and his instincts have worked well over the years. He understands the world of marginalization and the people who belong to it and, more importantly, he understands Butch Haynes. The confirmation of Clint Eastwood as a qualified filmmaker for any type of film company, after years dedicated to the ‘western’ and the ‘thriller’, took place with this film that collects elements of both genres and that Eastwood himself produced, directed and starred in. A ‘road movie’ that dodges the clichés. TCM (VM SUB) S14 19:35

Un niño grande (About a Boy) Film / Comedy 96 min. 2002 USA, UK D: Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz I: Natalia Tena, Victoria Smurfit, Hugh Grant, Rachel Weisz, Nicholas Hould and Toni Collete All Will cares about is having a good time, avoiding all responsibility and getting out with girls. He has just emerged from a fleeting relationship with a single mother, which has allowed him to discover that a good tactic for catching available women is to join a support group for single parents. Thus he invents a son named Ned and joins one of those groups. The brothers Paul and Chris Weitz, who had already directed “American Pie” and “Back to Earth” together, faced here an atypical comedy, in which the romantic, dramatic, cynical and musical elements usual in the stories of the writer Nick Hornby, on whose novel “A Big Boy” is based the script written by themselves

Cinema (A-Z) directors in collaboration with Peter Hedges. British actor Hugh Grant stars in the film alongside the boy Nicholas Hoult, who made his debut as a film star after being on television and participating in a minor role in “Intimate Relationships.” Young Hoult’s career was not cut short when he reached adulthood and, thus, he has played the Beast in the “X-Men” saga and has starred in, among other films, “Jack the Giant Slayer”. The cast is completed by actresses Toni Collette, Rachel, Victoria Smurfit and Natalia Tena. C + Comedy HD (VM SUB) D08 00:25 D22 10:20 C + Comedy (VM SUB) D08 00:25 D22 10:20

A Fish Called Wanda (A Fish Called Wanda) Film / Comedy 103 min.