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“On the go, M. Rève, on the go, and you didn’t need it.” So much to melt my butter heart Let’s see my pretty countrywoman (because the beautiful Mrs. M. Rève is from Mexico), let the girls know me, I’ll draw lots for them and tell them stories, and we, I said, humming La Descente aux Enfers de Beranger

We walked happily to M. Rève’s little house, located a short distance from the hotel, hidden in a bank of the hill overlooking the river and touching its beautiful garden.

To get to the house, you go down between trees, and go down a high and stretched step, and on the slope or ravine that goes to the river, lost among vines and fruit trees, surrounded by very showy flowers, is the little white house with its green shutters , its graceful portico and its chimneys spewing smoke.

M. Rève arrived armed with zambra, his girls ran in competition, the dog came and went, snaked among the people and stood on its hind legs to reach my friend’s chest: the lady also came forward like a girl, shouting: ” Fidel, Mr. Fidel, very welcome, come here with your friends. ” Triple salvo of claps and cheers welcomed us.

M. Rève, after a while of absence, returned clean, brushed, combed and dressed like any neighbor of those who step on carpets and strut, spilling scents of good tone in the living rooms.

The little house was hidden among the flowers, the pieces are small, but reverberating with cleanliness and ownership and good order.

The friends who were waiting for me were the same ones who once filled me with attention; There were more gray hair, the wrinkles on the forehead were deeper; But those veterans of work laughed, told their picaresque jokes and

We talked about everything, we laughed without knowing what; in triumphal march we invaded a round table in the dining room, where, among bouquets of fresh flowers, a candelabrum with a pyramid of lights in the center presided, and the lady and the girls disappeared, not without committing to visit them the next day .

Then the talk had its whole flight; there was talk of the prodigious movement of the population. I learned there that relations with Chihuahua were not interrupted, and that on the contrary, many laborers from those towns were immigrating, attracted by the rise in their wages.

“Oh!” the wages on the one hand and the cam on the other, have brought many Mexicans here.