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“That is true,” replied one of the ladies; here we do not even speak of those geese of conjugal love, starving, calculating, hopeful, to get out of pain, to triumph from the heart of a old, epileptic and distorted cock, or of an old, although impertinent and full of ailments, powerful .

On the other hand, another lady said, brainy and of clear wit, as a rule, when the Yankee husband is not drunk, he is an excellent husband; Perhaps business and coldness of character make him faithful and devoted to his family, he is very patient with his children; Perhaps her capital defect is that she often allows herself to be dominated by the woman, who is sickly and not very industrious, although this admits its exceptions.

—The truth, said Bachiller; Those dazzling beauties expire much sooner than in Europe; They are beauties of a day, and you, by appreciating them in another way, have made a mistake.

—That depends, said an old woman, very old, with her very white teeth and her head like cotton wool, that these girls don’t eat: when I say vd. stay on sweets, yankas: around here strawberries; over there the snow; over there the candís, if they have proportions; and if not, they throw everything on them, that is, they spend everything on dressing: for some it does not matter that the house is like a nest of airplanes;

but the hat ready, the gauze veil new, the gloves and shoes adjusted like queens.

As a way of freedom, they take the bridegroom home, without anyone telling them: “This mouth is mine,” they talk with him, leave and enter with him, without anyone noticing the ghost; so that sometimes, after three or four months, the father begins to know that that young man who enters and leaves and isolates himself with the greatest impudence to talk alone with his daughter in the living room, is nothing less than his future in-law son .

“It’s the truth,” Nestor used to say; family ties are quite relaxed in the North; But it is necessary to look at the starting point of our judgment: here there are no forced inheritances, and this, even if it is for convenience, maintains respect in families; so that it is not the case that a lazy boy with his hands washed fins the hopes of improvement of fortune in which the authors of his days think, nor are there those lawsuits in which children and parents are shameless slanderers, nor those flocks of vultures that under the name of forced heirs harass the last moments of an unfortunate person who committed the crime of forming a capital with his work.