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On the other side of the bars, in the hall, were several prison officers. One of them approached the bars.

After a series of speeches, each one louder than the last, the demonstration lost some gas. In front of the court, there were so many blacks that they occupied part of the Main Street, closed to traffic. As no one else picked up the megaphone, the drum corps was awakened again, and the crowd followed the music down Main Street, westward, amid chants, displays of posters, and notes from We Shall Overcome. Assuming the role of leader of the march, Trey Glover maneuvered his SUV in front of the drummers. The rap shook the shops and bars in the center, whose owners, shop assistants and customers appeared at doors and shop windows. Why were black people so outraged? The boy had confessed. He had killed Nicole, he said himself. Eye for an eye.

When they reached Sisk Avenue, Trey and the drummers didn’t turn left, but right. Turning left would have steered the demonstration south, which was roughly its starting point. The turn to the right meant they were going to the white part. Despite everything, there were still no objects to be thrown, and no threats were heard. Some police cars followed them at a considerable distance, while others watched the demonstration from parallel streets. Two blocks north of Calle Mayor, they came to the older residential section. The noise brought people out onto the porches, and what they saw brought them back in to go directly to the weapons closet. They also picked up their phones to call the mayor and the chief commissioner. They were disturbing the peace, that was clear. What was so outrageous to all those people? The boy had confessed. Do something.

Civitan Park was a complex of youth basketball and softball fields five blocks north of Main Street on Sisk Avenue. Trey Glover decided that they had already walked quite a bit. The demonstration came to an end, and the drumming stopped. It was a reunion now, a volatile mix of youth, anger, and the feeling of having nothing better to do for the rest of the afternoon and evening. A police captain estimated that there were 1,200 people, almost all under the age of 30.