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They warmed my old years with their hopes and their contentment; they strengthened my spirits when my hand almost overwhelmed me with implacable pain; They formed a homeland atmosphere for me when the pale forehead of nostalgia came to present the skeleton of my memories at my side, on the grave of my hopes.

So noble, so long-suffering, guessing my desires, turning the satisfaction of my whims into reasons for contentment, how can I not consecrate them in these messy memoirs?

Would you give my gratitude, even if your tenderness and relationships are of interest only to me? How not to forgive whoever reads this the loss of my heart, my complacency with a feeling that squeezes my soul and dominates me ….?

That they go happy; May the winds flatter you mildly and the sea be a friendly person that carries you into the arms of the country; that in the bosom of their families, in their home, when surrounded by those who love them, tell their adventures, turn their eyes and in some empty place look for the countenance of the old friend who lived far from the homeland, with them, the tender family life, and that he is remembering them, without seeing what he writes, because his memories are made tears in my eyes …. Providence be with you; may she restore them healthy and content to their homes! ……

Wandering by chance in the upper part of the city, where men and rocks are still fighting; It struggles that as if they sprout from the ground to witness stupendous buildings; where the tunnel that has come like an underground serpent from the bosom of the populated streets opens; where steep bridges from distance to distance they see the locomotive’s flame duster tilt, which looks like a fantastic giant that raises its head from the ground; Like an iron whale that was endowed with life to traverse the bowels of the earth on the wings of lightning, I was wandering, I mean, in those places, when my friend Buzeti, a young Mexican with whom we will make wide acquaintance, put me at a very grand establishment, and he said:

You will remember. Stenway’s pianos; they are in Mexico the highest names; its brilliant vibrations are the pomp and life of the most opulent salons. In Paris they deserved the first prize.

The building that we are going to visit, seen from the back, makes the three sides (three blocks) of a perfect square.

In the center there are several buildings, and one especially attracts attention; it encloses the great driving wheel and the attached machinery, which is like a steel building with its iron balustrades and stairs.