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Steve and his coworker are convinced that the townspeople – mostly peasants – will be delighted to accept their company’s offer, and it seems to be … at least, at first. Gus Van Sant directs Matt Damon and John Krasinski (who also wrote the script from a story by Dave Eggers) in this drama that received a special mention from the International Jury at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival. With the defense of the environment – and of those who live together and (badly) live on it – as a backdrop, the film is a harsh criticism of corruption and the power of big business. Along with Damon and Krasinski, the film stars Frances McDormand, Rosemarie DeWitt and Hal Holbrook C + 1 (VM SUB + DEAF) We25 05:50 C + 1 HD (VM SUB + DEAF) We25 05:50 C + Xtra HD (VM SUB + DEAF) ) M03 16:30 J26 17:40 C + DCine HD (VM SUB + DEAF) L16 00:05 V20 09:35 C + 2 (VM SUB + DEAF) V13 13:10 C + 1 … 30 (VM SUB + DEAF) Mi25 06:20 C + DCine (VM SUB + DEAF) L16 00:05 V20 09:35 C + Xtra (VM SUB + DEAF) M03 16:30 J26 17:40

Timeline (Timeline) Cinema / Science Fiction 110 min. 2003 USA D: Richard Donner I: Frances O’Connor, Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, David Thewlis, Ethan Embry, Billy Connolly and Rossif Sutherland A team of archeology students and their teacher strive to discover the ruins of a 14th century castle in France. For Professor Johnston, the project represents the culmination of his dream. With the help of Adjunct Professor Andre Marek, his son Chris and a few students, he has made great progress, although things are about to go wrong. Johnston has suspicions about the benefactor of the excavation and goes to New Mexico in search of answers. While he is away, students discover a chamber that has been sealed for over 600 years, with a note inside it pleading for help, dated 1357 and written by Johnston himself. Determined to solve the mystery, the boys find a machine at the New Mexico headquarters capable of moving objects through space. It was designed to revolutionize transportation but has inadvertently blown a hole that leads directly to the 14th century and Johnston, who has personally tested the invention, is currently caught up in a violent feudal conflict between the French and the English. Richard Donner, one of the most experienced Hollywood filmmakers, with a long history with such popular titles as “The Prophecy”, “Superman” and “Lady Falcon”, adapts Michael Crichton’s novel, an incredible adventure about time travel, combining the latest visual effects with sword-in-hand medieval horse fighting.