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S. Anderson who leaves his mark on the film. Antenna 3 (VE) L02 00:30 C + Action HD (VM SUB + DEAF) L16 02:55 M17 18:10 J26 13:10 C + DCine HD (VM SUB + DEAF) D08 01:40 C + Action (VM SUB + DEAF) ) L16 02:55 M17 18:10 J26 13:10 C + DCine (VM SUB + DEAF) D08 01:40

Panick At Rock Island Film / Science Fiction 90 min. 2010 Australia D .: Tony Tilse I .: Vince Colosimo and Grant Bowler An island in Sydney Harbor. Thousands of fans from all over the world attend a concert. But suddenly an unimaginable disaster will strike. SYFY HD (VM) S21 13:07 We25 16:13

Pápa Piquillo (Pápa Piquillo) Cinema / Comedy 85 min. 1998 Spain D .: Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia I .: Chiquito de la Calzada, Mustache Arrocet, Javivi, La Chunga, José Manuel Muñoz and Samara Losada A gypsy grandfather named Pápa Piquillo makes a living singing and dancing through the streets of Madrid in company of his six grandchildren, a monkey and a goat. In this way, he tries to raise his entire family and prevent his family from falling into the dangerous world of drugs. Things get complicated when one of the children suffers an accident and Papa Piquillo must sharpen his wits to get the money to allow him to travel to Australia to treat the little one. For the third time (after “Here comes Condemor (the sinner from the prairie)” and “Brácula (Condemor II)”), Álvaro Sáenz de Heredia directs the humorist Chiquito de la Calzada in this amiable comedy, with a hint of drama, about a Gypsy grandfather who tries to support his family. The film has cameos and special appearances by artists and comedians such as La Chunga, Bigote Arrocet, Javivi or Arévalo. DCine Spanish (VE) L16 11:30

Even – Odd (Pari e dispari) Cinema / Comedy 110 min. 1978 Italy D .: Sergio Corbucci I .: Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Kim McKay, Luciano Catenacci, Marisa Laurito and Woody Woodbury Officer Johnny Firpo is tasked with breaking up a gang of underground gamblers operating in Florida. To carry out this mission, he is advised to join a trucker very seasoned in this kind of business – albeit retired – who turns out to be the officer’s half brother. Terence Hill and Bud Spencer’s first collaboration with director Sergio Corbucci (later they would shoot together “Who has a friend, has a treasure”), who is also in charge of writing the script with Mario Amendola, Sabatino Ciuffini and his brother Bruno Corbucci , who seven years later would direct the Italian comedy couple in “Two super cops in Miami.”