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The film stars Will Smith alongside Bridget Moynahan, Bruce Greenwood, James Cromwell, and Chi McBride. The spectacular special effects, which earned an Oscar nomination, are from the company Digital Domain, created by James Cameron. His main achievement is the creation of real robots (there are sequences with more than 300 copies) and, specifically, of one of them, Sonny, the protagonist of the film with Will Smith. The sumptuous production design is provided by Patrick Tatopoulos, acclaimed decorator and special effects designer of “2012”, “Godzilla” or “Stargate.” Hollywood HD (VE) S21 23:40 D22 15:45 Hollywood (VE ) S21 23:40 D22 15:45

Me and my bicycle (Moulton Og Meg) Short Film / Animation 13 min. 2014 Norway D .: Torill Kove A 7-year-old girl, whose parents are unconventional modernists, wants her family to be like all Norwegian families in the 1960s. This causes concern when she asks her parents for a bicycle. C + 1 (VOS) M10 07:45 J12 06:50 S21 16:40 V27 06:05 C + 1 HD (VOS) M10 07:45 J12 06:50 S21 16:40 V27 06:05 C + Xtra HD (VOS) V06 04:02 J12 20:42 J19 17:12 S21 23:02 D22 20:57 J26 14:22 C + Comedy HD (VOS) V06 22:15 S07 09:25 S28 16:40 C + 2 (VOS) V13 17:05 C + 1 … 30 (VOS) M10 08:15 J12 07:20 S21 17:10 V27 06:35 C + Comedy (VOS) V06 22:15 S07 09:25 S28 16:40 C + Xtra (VOS) V06 04: 02 J12 20:42 J19 17:12 S21 23:02 D22 20:57 J26 14:22

You’re the One (A story from then) (You’re the One) Film / Drama 109 min. 2000 Spain D .: José Luis Garci I .: Lydia Bosch, Jesús Puente, Julia Gutiérrez Caba, Fernando Guillén, Iñaki Miramón, Juan Diego, Carlos Hipólito, Ana Fernández, Marisa De Leza and Manuel Lozano

Cinema (A-Z) In Spain in the 1940s, the victim of a deep depression, Julia moved away from Madrid after her boyfriend, a prominent painter with ideas opposed to the Regime, was imprisoned. At the wheel of her car, Julia goes in search of refuge to the old family mansion in the small Asturian town of Cerralbos del Sella, where she grew up under the care of Aunt Gala, who still lives there with her daughter-in-law and grandson. Thanks to her relationship with the guards and with other inhabitants of the place, the young lady from the capital will stop feeling alone for the first time in a long time. “You’re The One (A story from then)” is directed by José Luis Garci, who is also responsible for the production and the script (together with Horacio Valcárcel).