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In our sight, the rowers raised their oars in respect; kerchiefs and hats were flapping, some boys waved their shirts, and their ruffled sleeves greeted us …

We anchor in Brockyn, we take this maze of alleys that face east, winding, entangling and seeming to extend near City Hall; but they leap over her back, become entangled and complicated, eventually leading to Broadway, which they traverse as if in flight to lose themselves in the labyrinth of the West. Most of those streets are machine-made: all the same brick walls, the same rows of windows with their green shutters. And the lower part, tendajos, pawnshops, and grozeries, between warehouses, factories and temples.

The Tombs, that terrifying prison, with its thick pillars, square, massive, as if sitting behind its irons, and half covered with the grass mantle that hangs as if torn from its back.

In a room placed immediately to the right of the entrance, is where the first examination of those who fall under the action of justice takes place. Call it “Tombs Police

Court, “or” Police Court of the Tombs, “and there a District Judge takes a seat every morning who hears the charges brought by the police against those arrested and disposes of their subsequent fate. In minor cases Such as drunkenness, disorderly conduct or vagrancy, that magistrate has the power to impose a fine, summary or imprisonment, or to forgive the fault.

The incarceration orders are for the subsequent trial of the offender, by one of several superior courts; but the only one of these that administers justice in the Tombs, is the Court of Special Sessions, or “Court of Special Sessions.” Two judges preside over this court, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of each week, to solve the crimes of petty theft, assault and personal abuse, and other minor ones. The knowledge that these judges have of the classes and even of the individuals, most of them repeat offenders, whose excesses they have to punish, allows them to appraise the different cases impartially and apply the proper punishment, and if political influences are not sometimes used in twisting the course of Justice, those judges would become the terror of the wicked, purging society to a great extent of the many who infest it, trusting in the impunity that said political influence offers them. Many of these criminals leave this court to go to occupy the cells or cells; but most of these receive their guests from the Court of General Sessions and other higher courts. L