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We can’t just sit around and do nothing, knowing who the real killer is. He’s out here in the car.

Dana wrapped a sandwich and put it in a box. Keith took out a folded grocery bag from the pantry and went into the bedroom. For his new friend Travis he found some old chinos, a pair of T-shirts, socks, underwear, and a Packers sweater that no one had ever worn. He changed his shirt, put on his collar and a navy blue blazer, and stuffed some of his things into a gym bag. Minutes later he was in the kitchen, where Dana, leaning against the sink, crossed her arms defiantly.

– Well, okay, me. You have no other way to get to Texas; at least that’s what it says, and I believe it.

Dana rolled her eyes. Keith glanced at the clock on the microwave. He was impatient to leave, but also realized that his wife was entitled to some final rejoinders.

– Why? For trying to prevent an execution? I doubt it’s a crime, not even in Texas.

Hey, Dana, they won’t stop me, I promise. They still shoot me, but they won’t stop me.

– Not at all. Come on, Dana, look at it from a broad perspective. I believe Boyette killed the girl in 1998; I think he hid the body, and he knows where it is; And I think that if we make it to Texas, there is a possibility of a miracle.

He, who had approached little by little, put his hands on her shoulders. Dana was stiff, and her arms were still crossed.

– No, it’s not about me. As soon as we arrive, I will stay in the shade, without attracting attention …

– Whatever is. I will be on the sidelines. It’s the Travis Boyette show. I limit myself to chauffeuring him.

– And I’ll be back on Saturday. On Sunday I’ll give a sermon, and in the afternoon we’ll go on a picnic. I promise.

Dana’s shoulders hunched. Her arms fell to her sides. Keith held her tight, then kissed her.

Robbie was woken up on the phone at twelve thirty at night. When it rang, she had been in bed with DeDe for less than an hour. She, who had fallen asleep without the help of alcohol, was the first to flinch.

DeDe was already turning around.