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All of this is funny: the oranges are heavily papered in their boxes; the cherries in beautiful baskets, the same as the strawberries … and what a shade of apples! And what grace of lemons! And what about the pineapples so forliponas and making a fortune! … to say that peanuts drive, everything was said!

Don’t say you. that I leave you with the word in your mouth; but I come back in less than a rooster crows.

Being on the street with my very kind countrywoman, whose name is Adela, and she is like a grain of gold, we started with— “Where are we going?” and— “Wherever you determine.”

—Of course, and I don’t want Mercado Catherine, although they say it has 242 booths or stores, nor the Center that counts 348, nor Clinton, nor Esse, because they are all little more or less.

“We’ll go to Fulton’s,” said the kind young lady; They have told me that it was built in 1821 and that the work imported 220,000 pesos.

—I want to see the Washington Market, which is the most renowned; here I have the notes of what my dear Antonio Bachiller says about him.

The Washington Market is properly the set of two markets, which have 1,772 stalls, or as it were, stores and stalls.

As for what can and is consumed in that market and in Fulton, it is to praise God: figure vd. what the little books that deal with this say: 70,000 bovine cattle per week; 3,000 rams; 20,000 pigs, and other animals which will soon number three million. Birds are estimated at 6,000,000 and eggs at 10,000,000 per month.

It is estimated that 7,000 pesos of potatoes and 5,000 of grains are sold daily. The annual sale of apples is valued at 2,500,000 pesos; pears, 100,000 pesos; 200,000 peaches; strawberries, 600,000. The amount of imported fruits, such as pineapples, coconuts, oranges, etc., etc., amounted to 1,250,000 !!!

But let the readers warn that everything is apart from three hundred private markets in which there is the same as in these large markets, and they do not take account because that would be a never ending thing.

Each stall is self-assured and as if it places the articles it contains in the hands of those who pass by, not to mention that with every two steps the ground sinks and it is perceived from the outside that the shoes, hats, and tin-leaf junk, and bales, like so many springs.