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Jane is then forced to radically change her perspective: now her life is the best soap opera and she is the protagonist. From the creators of “Gilmore Girls” and the North American version of “Ugly Betty”, it is a reinterpretation of the Venezuelan soap opera “Juana la virgen” that uses all the cliches of soap operas to make comedy. Acclaimed by American critics since its premiere and considered the great surprise of the fall season, the series has won the Golden Globe for best comedy actress for its protagonist Gina Rodríguez, from the two nominations to which it opted, including best series of comedy. The cast is led by Gina Rodriguez, considered the breakthrough actress of the season, as Jane, Andrea Navedo (“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”) as Xiomara’s mother, Justin Baldoni (“Everwood,” “Heroes “) in the role of Rafael, Brett Dier (” Bomb Girls “) playing Michael, Yael Grobglas (” Reign “) as Petra, Ivonne Coll (” Glee “,” Switched at Birth “) in the role of Grandma Alba and Jaime Camil (“Criadas y malvadas”) in the role of Rogelio. In addition, it has the great cameos of Juanes and Paulina Rubio. C + 1 (VM SUB) Wed25 21:30

Cinema (AZ) C + 1 HD (VM SUB) Mi25 21:30 C + Series HD (VM 2SUB) S14 21:30 D15 13:15 (VM SUB) M17 15:15 C + Comedy HD (VM 2SUB) V27 21:30 C + 2 (VM 2SUB) D01 05:25 00:15 15:00 C + 1 … 30 (VM SUB) Mi25 22:00 C + Series (VM 2SUB) S14 21:30 D15 13:15 (VM SUB) M17 15: 15 C + Comedy (VM 2SUB) V27 21:30

Janis & John (Janis et John) Film / Comedy 99 min. 2004 Spain, France D .: Samuel Benchetrit I .: Marie Trintignant and Sergi López Pablo ‘Pipo’ Sterni, a modest insurance agent, respectable father and husband, must get 100,000 euros in two weeks to hide the discreet frauds with which makes it to the end of the month and thus avoid ending up behind bars. Before giving up without a fight, pressured by circumstances, he soon devises a plan to get out of trouble. When his mother tells him that his cousin Leon, a guy deeply marked by revival music from the 70s and a big fan of Janis Joplin and John Lennon, has just inherited a large sum of money, he manages to convince him that Janis and John have returned and need your help. To incarnate the two idols, Pablo has his wife and an unemployed actor.